Do you have a professional development project or research you would like to pursue? Are you a TAEA member? Then apply for a Foundation Grant! All grant applications are due June 1 using the online application below.

General Guidelines for Grant

  • The grant is earmarked for direct personal professional development, i.e., research, professional activities, creative work, research-based publications, etc. A grant will not be awarded for self-publication costs.
  • The grant is generally to encourage new work, but work already begun will be considered.
  • Funding will not be offered for projects geared solely to educational activities, supplies or materials, which should be funded by your institution.
  • Funding request for meals or books will not be honored.
  • The grant will be awarded to current TAEA members only.

Guidelines for Grant Disbursement

  • Each application consists of a standard form available online.
  • The grant will not exceed $500.
  • The grant will be awarded July 30; deadline to apply is June 1.
  • The grant will be awarded by the TAEF Board of Trustees who are not eligible to apply.
  • Funds will be given July 30.
  • A TAEA member may not receive more than one grant in a two-year period.
  • TAEA member receiving the grant will agree to present a workshop on the funded project / research / creative activity at the next fall TAEA conference or a like activity approved by the TAEF Chairman.

Guidelines for Grant Application Form

Section I.

  • Fill out completely. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

Section II.

  • Total amount not to exceed $500.

Section III.

  • General Description of Project — Give a brief description of what the project entails.
  • Current Status of Project — if project is underway, give a status report and what will be necessary to finish.
  • Anticipated Outcomes — With completion of the project, will you be publishing, having an exhibit, lecturing, regarding your findings, etc?
  • Time Line — Show your proposed time line with as specific dates as possible.
  • Itemized Budget — Prepare a DETAILED LIST of expenses covering the requested amount of the grant. Be specific. List items and their costs.
  • Final Report — A final report on your grant is due within one year after you receive your grant. Failure to meet this requirement will preclude your further involvement in the TAEF Grant Program.